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education - Education and School Idioms Empty Education and School Idioms

Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:02 pm
A for effort

- the recognition that someone has tried hard to do something even though he or she may not be successful

The students received an A for effort for their work on the class project.

above average

- better or higher than average

The boy's marks were above average in all subjects except history.

as easy as ABC

- very easy

Learning how to use a computer is as easy as ABC for the children.

back to basics

- an approach in education that uses traditional ideas or methods that have been successful in the past

The teacher believes that back to basics is important in her classroom and the parents are happy with the results.
below average

- worse or lower than average

Most members of the class were below average in the math test.


- someone who reads a lot

My sister is a bookworm and is always reading a book.

brainstorm (something)

- to try to develop an idea or think of new ideas

The students got into groups to brainstorm ideas for the school play.

call the roll

- to call the names of students on a roll and expect them to answer if they are there

Every morning when the class starts the teacher calls the roll.

cap and gown

- the special cap called a mortarboard and the robe that is worn during academic ceremonies such as graduation

All of the students wore a cap and gown to the graduation ceremony.

catch up to (someone or something)

- to move fast or work hard to reach someone or something that is ahead of you

After my illness, I had to study very hard to catch up to the rest of the class.


- someone who copies the work of another

The children called the girl a copycat when they saw her copying the test of another student.

count noses

- to count the number of people

The teacher stopped to count noses several times during the field trip.

cover a lot of ground

- to complete a lot of material in a class or course

We covered a lot of ground during the first month of the science class.

cow college

- a school where farming or agriculture is studied

My cousin will go to a cow college when he finishes high school.

crack a book

- to open a book to study (usually used in the negative)

I did very well in the course even though I did not crack a book until the last week of classes.

crank out a paper

- to write a paper or essay in a mechanical way

I had to crank out a paper almost every week to pass the course.

cut class

- to not go to class

I decided to cut class in order to study for my geography test.

draw a blank

- to get no response from someone when you ask him or her a question

The teacher drew a blank when she asked about the boy's plans for the weekend.

drop out of school

- to stop attending school

My friend dropped out of school and began to drive a truck.

eager beaver

- someone who works very hard and is very enthusiastic

The young girl is an eager beaver and always comes to class before the other students.

flunk out

- to fail a course, to fail and then leave school

The boy was very smart but he flunked out of his language class.

from the old school

- ideas that were popular in the past but which are no longer popular or common

My grandmother is from the old school and always made her children make their own lunches and walk to school.

get credit for (a course)

- to receive official recognition and credits after passing a course

I was able to get credit for the course which I took in the summer.

get through (a course or a set of materials)

- to finish a course or a set of materials

The boy was a very good student and got through every course that he took.

goof off

- to waste time

My sister spent most of the week goofing off and was not prepared for her test.
have one's nose in a book

- to be reading a book

The boy loves to read and always has his nose in a book.

higher education

- education after graduating from high school (usually college or university)

The government has recently invested a lot of money in higher education.

hit the books

- to begin to study hard

After relaxing all weekend I hit the books on Sunday evening.

honor roll

- a list of people or students with exceptional achievements

My neighbor was on the honor roll during his last year in high school.

in pen

- written or signed with a pen

The teacher asked the students to make sure that they wrote the essay in pen.

in pencil

- written or signed with a pencil
I wrote the test in pencil so that I could change my answers easily.

Ivy League

- a small group of older and famous eastern United States colleges and universities such as Harvard and Yale and Princeton

Several of the company executives went to an Ivy League school.

know one's ABCs

- to know the alphabet or the most basic things about something

The students worked hard and everyone knew their ABCs very well.

learn (something) by heart

- to memorize something so that you can repeat it without thinking

The children learned all of the songs by heart for the school play.

learn (something) by rote

- to learn or memorize something without thinking about it

We learned many verbs by rote in the foreign language class.
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