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lesson - 2Am file 01 4th lesson            Empty 2Am file 01 4th lesson

Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:27 pm
File :One
Lesson : 4
Discovering and stating the rule that governs the use of the present simple tense.
Discriminating between the final /s/, /z/, /iz/ .

The present simple tense - affirmative - Interrogative- Negative
Materials needed: The pupils' textbook (Discover the language pages 10 and 11)

Stage one :
Making pupils understand the meaning of the
present simple tense (notions of habit and routine actions)
1. Pupils read the text "A day in the life of Jane Smith" and do activities 1 to 7 (page 10).
2. Pupils make a list of words or expressions that refer to the time when Jane
and her friends do things.

Fill in the table.

On holidays
At 7 o'clock
In the morning
In the afternoon
At 6
At 9
At 2
Half an hour later

N.B: Focus the pupils' attention on:
• On holidays (meaning that every time Jane Smith is on holidays, she does what is said in the text. It is a habit for her to do that)

• always, never, at time, in the morning / afternoon (meaning that the described actions are repeated , they are routines)

3. Pupils
fill in the table (prepared for them on small papers given to them).
Jane alone (she)
She gets up at 7
Shet has breakfast
She never has lunch to have
She goes to her tennis club to go
infinitive of the verbs to get up / to have/to have/to go/.....
Jane and her friends (they)
They eat sandwiches
They go out
they have dinner
infinitive of the verbs to eat / to go/to have/to .....

4. Have the
pupils to compare the verbs with their infinitives (what's the

difference?) Pupils have
to notice the use of "to".

5. Tell the
pupils to compare what Jane does alone (she + verb + "s" or "es")
and what she and her friends do (They + verb).Pupils have
to notice that we add "s" or "es" to the ending of the infinitive

when Jane does things alone (when we use she, i.e. the third person of the singular).

N.B: Tell the pupils to compare :
- "She goes out with her friends" and "They (she and her friends) go out together."
- "Have" and "Has" (irregular third person singular).

Stage two:

Stating the rule about the present simple tense.
1. Have the pupils to answer the following

- When do we use the present simple tense? Illustrate by quoting from the

- How do we form the present simple tense? Think of the third person of the singular and the interrogative and negative forms.

2. Make the pupils read the "Reminder" (page 11)

Stage three :

Practising the different forms of the present simple tense.

1. Have the pupils to read the verbs in the table page 8 (listen and repeat). Pay attention to the exact pronunciation of the final "s".

2. Have the pupils to do activity 3 (Practise) page 10 (Classifying and pronouncing the verbs taken from the text: "A day in the life of Jane Smith").

3. Activity 4 page 11.

• Find the questions first.
• Make the pupils repeat the questions (Pay attention to the intonation)
• Make the pupils read the whole dialogue (pair work).

4. Activity 7 (Check page 23)
• Write the sentences in exercise-books.
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lesson - 2Am file 01 4th lesson            Empty Re: 2Am file 01 4th lesson

Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:46 pm
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