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"Grammar Practice Simplified: Books A-D, Grades 2-6"  Empty "Grammar Practice Simplified: Books A-D, Grades 2-6"

Sat Dec 18, 2010 11:26 am
"Grammar Practice Simplified: Sentences, Verbs, Nouns, Pronouns,
Capitalization, Subjects, Predicates and More (Book B, Grades 3-4)"
This book in the "Grammar Practice Simplified" series has the following
features: Covers the full range of concepts; builds a strong language
foundation; improves performance on standardized tests; gives brief
explanations and examples; has lots of practice exercises; contains
self-paced lessons; facilities creative writing; and is great for
language-delayed and ESL students! This book especially emphasizes
grammar components of good writing. Includes activities with kinds and
parts of sentences and sentence fragments, action and linking verbs.
This book also includes a section on addressing envelopes and writing
letters. Shows how the English language works. Sequenced from simple to
more complex. Also effective for older, language-delayed students.
"Grammar Practice Simplified: Books A-D, Grades 2-6"  00186b3c_medium

"Grammar Practice Simplified: Books A-D, Grades 2-6"  621476
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