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4MS File 01 PLAN Empty 4MS File 01 PLAN

Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:08 am
Level: 4am
File One : It is my treat.
Teaching Aids: Text book/Pictures
Competencies: Interacting /Interpreting/producing
Skills: Listening/speaking/writing /Producing
Number of sessions: 14 sessions
Theme: Food
Project Topic:
Designing a
restaurant advertising leaflet.
Learning Objectives:
By the end of the file learners will demonstrate their ability to:

1-Talk about food. 2-Make suppositions. 3-Seek agreement. 4-Give
instructions. 5-Ask for and give information. 6-Talk about meal times/manners
and food origins.
Grammar :
1-Tag questions 2-The imperative 3-Sequencers 4- Comparative and superlative
Lexis :
Vocabulary related to: Food/eating/Cooking/Map reading
Pronunciation :
1-Intonation in tag question.2-Sounds /i/ /i:/ /e/ 3-Final “ed” Adjectives 4-Silent letters.
Pronunduction :
Dialogue writing-Recipe writing-Paragraph writing-writing a letter – ordering a menu-Describing a dish-writing a letter of invitation

Script 1 Tag question

4MS File 01 PLAN 4_ms_f10

Script 2 Ordering a meal

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